Quality Policy

Quality is customer driven and not merely a departmental obligation. It is significant to everyone in the organization. To ensure Total Quality Management, the Quality Assurance (QA) department in our factory is autonomous in its functioning.

We reiterate our commitment to quality and produce a zero defect product.
Nitin's quality policy is defined as follows:-

Our ultimate aim is to produce zero defect product and all our systems should act as filters at all levels to ensure that our products are of good quality and fulfill the individual requirements of our customers. This is achieved through:.
 Sound basic attitude to quality and personal commitment at all levels.
 Integrated comprehension of systems and processes.
Constant focus on improvements of systems internally as well as externally.

The illustration below outlines our overall quality system:

In short, Quality Management is to manage any activity that can influence the quality of our products. Where our Quality Control (QC) system is concerned with the everyday activities related to the handling of products and our internal release of goods, our Quality Assurance (QA) system has been established to ensure.

 A consistent level of quality .
 That quality problems are sought prevented.
That our products match the requirements and are of good quality.

The processes forming part of our quality system are described in detailed SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and relate to our QA activities as well as our QC activities.

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